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Hello my friends! I hope this post finds you well. I have to apologize. I have been a terrible blogger. The number one rule of blogging is consistency, and I have failed! Honestly, I have just not had anything to say. If you know me, I know you are wondering how that could possibly be…but, it is true. Nothing is wrong, just living life and raising kids, but I have not been able to find any words to share.

But today? Today something changed. In a matter of two short hours, God put three things on my heart to share. So we will begin with the first one, which is really interesting as I think about it in the context of this blog.

Today, I walked into my backyard, as I do each day, to look at my plants. I like to see if they are growing, if there are any weeds in my flower bed, if there are any new flowers to greet me. Well, today, I was so excited to see almost every plant blooming. Here in Arizona, we have had an exceptionally wet winter. Lots of snow and rain, and we are in a “super bloom”. Doesn’t that just sound exciting?? Super bloom!!

I decided to take a picture of each plant and its flowers, and as I did, God whispered a verse to my heart. Luke 12:27, “Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” Now this verse is in a section of verses telling us not to fear where our food or clothes will come from, because God will provide, and I have often found great comfort in them. However, God was saying something different to me today.

Last summer, when it was terribly hot here in the desert, my hubby and I decided to overhaul our backyard. We pulled weeds, cleaned out garbage, moved rocks, got rid of debris, and then we planted. First we planted grass, then a tree, then we had a retaining wall built. The last piece was to buy plants for our new planter. However, the planter is VERY long, so buying plants started to get expensive. I decided to buy very small, young plants, in hopes of some serious growth before Spring. I mean, we did have the rest of summer, fall and winter.

Just like our lives, these plants had to be watered a great deal at first, they had to establish their roots in our soil, and they had to wait though the fall and winter. I won’t lie, as I walked out day after day and watched them shrivel a little, lose their leaves, and look pretty bad during our colder than normal winter, I wondered if they would even survive. I even made a plan to replace a few of them once it warmed up.

Have you been there? Have you ever put down roots, done the hard work of watering and growing, only to have something happen to knock you off course? Maybe you shriveled a little, lost a few leaves, and maybe you even looked around and wondered how you would survive. A lost job, a hurting marriage, self esteem, a lost child, etc. I have been there…recently. About the time I was planting my tiny little plants actually.

“Consider how the wild flowers grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” As I looked at my flowers today (yes, the pictures are mine), God reminded me of springtime promises.


In Ann Voskamp’s book, The Broken Way, she talks about how a seed has to be buried and there has to be a “breaking open” before there can be any growth. If the seed can wait through the burying, survive the breaking open, only then, will life spring forth. The same is true for you, and for me.

No matter what we are going through, or how bleak and cold the days may seem, He is working new life in us. Just like my flowers, and my own life, the spring brings growth and promises. If you are in a tough spot right now, memorize Luke 12:27, thank God for the promise of spring, and hold on. I would just bet a Super Bloom is headed your way!

Thank you so much for reading today. If you are feeling buried or broken open today, I would love to pray with you. Please feel free to send me a message!

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4 thoughts on “Springtime Promise

  1. Linda Owen says:

    Thank you. Great picture and reminder.

    1. erinrathier says:

      Thank you Linda, for reading and for the encouragement!!

  2. Mari Landreth says:

    Such a beautiful reminder! Love all your beautiful plants and flowers. I find such peace when I spend time in my yard as well. Beauty all around, we just have to look.

    1. erinrathier says:

      Oh thank you Mari! Yes! We just have to look around.

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