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Hey everybody!!  I am so excited to welcome you to the first Bible study I will be offering on my blog.  In my last church role, I had the insane privilege of writing the weekly homework for our Life Groups (small groups).  I did this for a year and LOVED it so much.  When I started this blog, one of my goals was to begin producing Bible study material.  Even my husband has been encouraging me to get busy with this endeavor.  (He’s awfully sweet and encouraging).   However, I just could not find a place to begin, until this week.

I have a small group of friends I meet with every week, to study God’s Word.  We have been working our way through The Story, but found we needed just little bit more.  So, I decided to begin writing material for my group.  So here we are!  My first Bible study material, for the public!  I would love for you to join us as we journey through the Bible.  Even though this starts with chapter 18, I encourage you to jump in.  You can use The Story, or just the Bible.  Whatever you choose.

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I am writing these lessons to be completed over one week, between our group meetings.  So please, work at your own pace.  If you feel inclined, gather some friends and start your own group.  Our friends gather for two hours, with a collaborative dinner and then discussion and prayer each week.  I have to say…they are pretty much our church, and we love them.

I will be offering these Bible studies for free, so come back each Tuesday, click on the link and print what you need.  I am so excited to hear what you think!  I pray God will use these studies to bring you closer to Him.  Please be sure to let me know if He moves in any big ways!  This week, we are on Daniel Part One.  Just click the link to download and print.  Also, check back next Tuesday for part two.  Gentlemen, this is not written toward either gender, however, I realize my cover page may look that way.  Just print pages 2-4 and nobody will ever know!  🙂


Thank you all for continually reading and supporting me and my blog.  I hope this Bible study touches your heart.  My goal with each of these will simply be to help you dig into God’s Word everyday, as I approach the scriptures with an attitude of discovery.  I do not hope to mold your thinking as much as I hope what I write will help you discover what God wants to say to you.  Please let me know what you think in the comments or through an email.

As always, you can give me your email on the right hand side of the page to ensure you never miss a post.  Also, look for me on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!  God bless you!

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