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     As I sit here and think about the verses in my Bible reading plan today, I am picturing what it would be like to see Jesus and Satan standing together.  I wonder, is Satan ugly, scary or horrible looking?  How does he look in comparison to Jesus?  Would I recognize him?

     In Matthew 4:1-11, I read the account of Jesus being tempted and I wonder what the scene really looked like.  What would it be like to stand next to Satan?  What would it be like to be weak and tired, lonely and hungry, and be taken to place after place by him where those physical and emotional needs could be met?  I realized, we know how that feels.  You and I have stood next to Satan, weak and tired, lonely and hungry.  We know what it is to see something temporary and know it could satisfy for a moment.

We do know how Jesus was feeling and more importantly, He knows how we have felt.


     There was one part of this story that struck me differently today.  Verse 11.

Matthew 4

Wow…all those days we wrestle with Satan, angels come and minister to us. Can you imagine it?  That is something I wish I could see with my human eyes.  I urge you, open up your Bible and meditate on Matthew 4:1-11.  Whatever you are going through or dealing with today, ask God to help you feel the angels as they minister to you.

Heavenly Father, you are so good to us.  Today, despite everything going on around us, we rest in your strength and in the promise of your angels ministering to us.  Amen


If you need some angels ministering to you, I urge you right now, talk to God, put your trust and faith in Him and let his angels surround you.

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