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I have been reading a book this summer called Everybody, Always by Bob Goff.   The book is all about loving people with the love of Jesus.  It made me think about a message I heard in church a couple of years ago.  The Pastor was talking about the “No Ordinary Love” of Jesus, I was struck with a sobering question.  Have I left room?

As the message rolled out, we were brought to Matthew 8:1-3, where Jesus is approached by a Leper.  Jesus had just finished His biggest sermon and was being followed by crowds when He was approached.  This is a story I am familiar with, nothing I have not heard, but the question was asked, “Why did Jesus touch the Leper?”  Hmmm.  “Jesus could have healed the Leper without touching Him.” Yes, yes He could have, so why DID He touch the Leper?

After speaking on a mountain and being followed by crowds, certainly a quick nod would have been easier.  But the Leper needed more than healing, he needed extravagant love.  The kind of love that was not limited by the stigma of leprosy.  He needed to be touched.

Have I left room

     Everyday I see a need.  A need for food, a need for love, a need for a job, a need for clothes, a need for a hug, a need for a listening ear.  Have I left room to love?  Is my calendar too full to love?  Is my budget to tight to love?  Is my heart too decided to love?  Am I too self-centered to love?

I am not talking about love, the feeling, I am talking about love, the action.  Love like Jesus showed the Leper.   Because if I love Jesus like I say I do, NOTHING should hold me back from meeting the needs I see.  Not my full calendar, not my self-serving budget, not my selfish, judgmental heart.  I have to make room.  Room on my calendar, room in my budget, room in my heart for “No Ordinary Love”.


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2 thoughts on “Have I Left Room?

  1. Linda Owen says:

    Thank you, Erin. Loving tbis journey with you.

    1. erinrathier says:

      Thank YOU Linda, for joining me on this journey!

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