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This week, I was faced once again with kids complaining.  They are bored, there is nothing to do, we never do anything fun,”there is nothing in this house to eat.” Being a little on edge from a day filled with inconveniences, I did not handle it well.  I stood up, said, “Deal with it!” and headed to my room.  I was definitely feeling sorry for myself, and thinking how ungrateful these kids are.  If they could only understand how much I do for them.  I began listing everything in my head, I give up new clothes so they can have them, quit my job to be home and home school, clean, grocery shop and cook constantly!  Oh, I was on a roll!  Just as I reached the bedroom door, however, God started talking.

You guessed it, I was in for a talking to!  You see, I realized, I am much like my kids are when it comes to my own wants.  How many times does God look at me and my complaints and requests, and wonder why I cannot just be thankful for all He has given me and all He sacrificed for me.  Often times I think we approach God just like my kids were approaching me today.  God sends so many of the things we need and blesses in ways we sometimes take for granted and we fail to focus on those things, and instead, think about all the things we do not have.  I think this may be hitting home with a few of you as well.  It is ok to admit it.  Just today, I was feeling frustrated because we have not found a church home yet, and I began my conversation with God to tell Him just what I need and when I need it.  I complained about my situation and did not approach day with an attitude of thankfulness.

Who's Ungrateful

I guess I really did not have room to be so upset with my kiddos this week.  Tomorrow, as we start our day, let us reflect on the sacrifices made for us, let us not be pouty, and dissatisfied, and ungrateful for all the ways God blesses us everyday.  Oh…and let us not expect our children to understand and respond properly to our sacrifices when we are not responding properly to God’s!

Heavenly Father, thank you for always loving me and always taking care of all my needs.  Thank you for knowing my heart and forgiving me when I am ungrateful.  Lord help me to remember that even when I do not have what I want, when I seek you first, I will have all I need!  Help me Lord to be a loving and patient mother.  Thank you for the 3 blessings you sent me and help me to lead them to you.  Amen.

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4 thoughts on “Who’s Ungrateful?

  1. Crystal Kesterson says:

    This really fits in my life right now, just yesterday I was really trying to remember to be thankful for what I have and how it could be so much worse. I’m glad in not the only one with days like this.

    1. erinrathier says:

      Thanks for sharing Crystal! I am afraid this is a problem that plagues us, humans, often isn’t it? I will be praying and asking God to help you be thankful first, and to send many blessings your way!

  2. Barbara Morales says:

    Thank you once again for being a gentle reminder of the importance of following the Lord and seeking his counsel. Monsoons throw my household into a cyclone of behaviors, meltdowns and chaos. It is very easy to jump in the self pity wagon and the ungrateful train.
    May the Lord use you to reach others through your post

    1. erinrathier says:

      Hi Barbara, I can imagine storms do cause disruption in your house! I will definitely be praying for a calmer day today! You are loving so many of God’s children, and providing them with a loving home! Praying you feel His presence today! Thank you for sharing!

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