Unexpected Blessing

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Have you ever had God show up and do something completely unexpected to bless you?  On Monday evenings, a few of our friends come over for Bible study.  We are currently working through the book, The Story.  Last night, the above question was one we answered.  It was encouraging to hear all the ways God has shown up and unexpectedly blessed our friends.  I was reminded to tune in to God each morning, so I do not miss the unexpected blessings.

Well, you guessed it, this morning, God sent an unexpected blessing my way.  My middle child and I were home, and he was babysitting my nephew.  I saw a salesperson walking outside and told J not to answer the door.  I NEVER answer the door!  Mostly because I watched too much Oprah as a teenager and am afraid of killers pretending at someone’s door.  Also, because I do not want to talk to salespeople.  Well, just a few minutes after I told my son not to answer the door, the doorbell rang…and I answered it.


Indeed, there was a woman with a clipboard there talking to herself.  She pulled an ear bud out of her ear and greeted me and said, “Well, I wasn’t even going to stop because the trim on your house looks really good, but then I saw the verse you have written on your sign.”  When I opened the door, she was reading, out loud, the verse, on the sign, by our front door.

A couple of weeks ago, I had my daughter put a verse on the sign before our friends arrived for Bible study, hoping it would bless them.  But here was this woman, who rang my doorbell because she read my sign.  Her name was Holly.  Holly proceeded to tell me that she listens to worship music while she walks the neighborhoods, told me my neighbor is a widow, and a Christian, and wants to go to church, but doesn’t like to go alone.  Holly told me she loves how God shows up as she knocks on doors and just wanted to tell me to have a blessed day!

Wow!  Talk about an unexpected blessing.  And man, I could go on for hours about all the lessons I could draw from this encounter, but I will keep it simple.  Holly and I talked about Christian music, concerts, God’s goodness, church…she was a light shining brightly this morning.  Before she left, we wished each other well and she reminded me of my neighbor.  Funny how He works, isn’t it?!

If you do not know God, or feel far from God today, I would love to pray for you.  Comment or send me a message!  God wants to show up in an unexpected way for you today!


The Bible study I mentioned above is The Story by Randy Frazee.  It is available on Amazon.com here:

The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People (Selections from the New International Version)

4 thoughts on “Unexpected Blessing

  1. Dear Erin,

    What is the author of The Story. Can you buy it on Amazon? I am looking for a bible study I can do from home

    Kathy Tett


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